What is Travelpayouts Emerald?
Emerald is an AI-powered script that monetizes your travel content in just a few clicks. Acting as a smart virtual assistant, it carefully analyzes your blog and automatically adds the best-fit affiliate tools where they are most likely to generate profit. As a result, it gives you the best chance for the highest income while freeing up time for you to enjoy traveling, discovering, and creating.

Unique tools to increase

conversion rate

Knowing that the majority of your blog's readers use mobile devices more often than desktops, Emerald's tools ensure top performance on both mobile and desktop platforms for a seamless, native user experience.
Tooltips are in-text previews of travel services promoted through affiliate links. They appear each time a user hovers over an affiliate link and provide quick details such as a brief tour description. These in-text previews help readers make decisions without leaving the page, which, in turn, helps bloggers retain traffic and boost conversion.
Recommendation blocks
Recommendation blocks are short summaries that show up at the end of each article. They highlight the most popular travel products readers are likely to buy, enabling them to easily review and purchase travel services without the extra hassle. As a result, these summaries boost conversions.
Creative Control With Emerald
At Travelpayouts, our top priority is privacy and transparency. Bloggers maintain complete control, easily managing Emerald within their Travelpayouts account. This encompasses the ability to exclude specific articles, deactivate the script entirely (with all previously placed tools promptly removed), and reactivate Emerald at any time.

Emerald does not use intrusive or disruptive advertising methods that could harm user engagement and trust.
Beta Test Program Requirements
At Least 15,000 Monthly Active Users (MAU)
Your blog should have a MAU of at least 15,000 visitors
At Least 50 Pages per Blog
If your blog is new and/or lacks sufficient content, Emerald won’t have a significant impact on your income
English Language
Your blog should primarily be in English and cater to an English-speaking audience
Travelpayouts Member
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