Expand your travel
business: get your own website with 250k+ airlines and hotels
A low-code solution for travel agents
to reach more clients online, offering
deals from top travel brands
Create your White Label website with benefits
Kickstart your travel agency website in just a few simple steps
Enjoy regular payments for every ticket or hotel booking made through your website.
Attract new and existing clients to your website.
Create a metasearch website effortlessly with Travelpayouts White Label using your own domain.
The commissions accumulate and are automatically paid do you bank account monthly
Once a brand confirms a bookings, it pays you an affiliate commission (1 - 7%)
To make a booking they are redirected to an OTA or a brand’s website
Travelers search flights or hotels on your website
Earning process made seamless
Explore the benefits
1,000+ airlines and OTAs in search results
250k hotels worldwide
Earn 50% of the commission for every airline ticket and hotel booking made through your website
No coding skills required. Our low-code solution makes it easy to get started
High reward rates
Simple setup
40к сustomers globally who trusted us
Enjoy flexible customization options to ensure your website fully reflects your brand
Customize with ease
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Easier than an OTA, faster than an API service
Other solutions
White Label Web
Helps users find flights/hotels swiftly, then redirects to vendors' sites for bookings. You don’t need to deal with support or cancelations
Enables quick addition of extra travel services (e.g., car rental, tours, insurance) via Travelpayouts – a platform with affiliate programs from 100+ travel brands
API services, OTA website builders etc
Often takes months to get developed
Requires you to manage the whole user journey and hire a team to deal with cancels, support and refunds
Mainly offers flights & hotels. Adding other services demands sourcing, integrating separate APIs, and partnering with brands on your own
API services, OTA website builders etc
A self service solution: doesn’t require a development team
Takes just 1 day to integrate under your domain a metasearch with in-built deals from 200k+ brands and OTAs
Complement your website with your app
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