How to Avoid Travel Blogging Burnout
*blogxiety — stress and anxiety related to running a blog, most
commonly induced by uncertainty in its future and potential.
Meet pros who are no strangers to blogxiety
  • "As a creative individual, I feel most energized when I’m able to create – and absolutely deflated when I can’t muster up the inspiration I need to do so. I think this is true for most creative people."
    Jessie Festa
    creator of Jessie on a Journey
  • "It is a life where you can make your own schedule — but there’s no separation between work and play, and you’re always trying to juggle both, thus often failing at both. You never really clock out like you do at an office."
    Matthew Kepnes
    creator of Nomadic Matt
  • “Blogxiety is real, my friends, and yes, I'm a card-carrying member, but hey, at least we have each other on this wild roller coaster of constantly changing algorithms, creative ideas that sometimes don’t flow and Wi-Fi connections that occasionally decide to ghost us.”
    Chris Davila
    сreator of Girl Takes Mundo
  • “Imposter syndrome, overwhelm, blogxiety... This isn't what you signed up for when you became a travel blogger! However, these are normal feelings that all bloggers face from time to time, and the sooner they feel "normal," the faster you'll see results from your blog.”
    Shelley Marmor
    creator of Travel Mexico Solo
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We interviewed 1,000 travel bloggers. What we found was concerning
have experienced symptoms of burnout
have thought about changing their occupation
feel discouraged comparing themselves to other bloggers
And it's no joke – these are the symptoms of blogxiety. But don’t worry, we know how to handle them! Watch the recording of our Blogxiety Webinar to receive support, find inspiration, and build your confidence as a travel blogger.
Meet amazing bloggers who will help you deal with blogxiety
Jessie Festa
The creator of Jessie on a Journey knows how to create systems for organizing her blogging business.
3 Steps to Stay Organized as a Blogger
One of the reasons travel bloggers get anxious is how difficult it is to organize a workflow. But Jessie has got it figured out, and she shared her 3-step system for staying on top of things as a blogger.

You'll learn how to:
  • cut and combine your tasks
  • streamline your work to save time
  • organize your schedule

Matthew Kepnes
After 17 years of travel blogging, the creator of Nomadic Matt knows how to find wonder in every trip.
Travel Blogger Struggles: Q&A with Matt Kepnes (Nomadic Matt)
Matthew has 17 years of travel and blogging experience under his belt. He shared his experiences with the numerous blogging hurdles that he’s faced over the years as well as the approaches he takes to overcome them.

Shelley Marmor
In three short years, Shelley grew her first travel blog, Travel Mexico Solo, into a multiple six-figures business. She now teaches others what she knows about growing a blog quickly.
Overcoming Blogxiety So You Finally Start Making Money from Your Blog
Blogging anxiety, or blogxiety, holds you back from blogging success. However, your anxious feelings are totally normal — and Shelley shared her proven strategies so that you can keep working in spite of blogxiety.

You’ll learn how to:
  • stop comparing yourself to other bloggers
  • manage social media overwhelm
  • transcend writer's block
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